Help President Trump Pass the NEW "Social Security Guarantee Act"

Sending this email and Straw Poll is expensive for a non-profit organization like CGSS. And I could only afford to contact individuals like you who I thought would be most likely to help. 

Can I count on you to do your part to help us? I hope so.

When you complete your Straw Poll, it would be a Godsend if you could help us raise the money we need to fund this critical effort by making a contribution of $15, $25 or $50. If you can write a check today for $100, $200 or as much as $500 it would be fantastic to help us enlist millions of others to this unprecedented cause.


It costs CGSS about 55 cents to reach just one person. That means we need to raise $550,000 just to reach one million of your fellow taxpayers. And our goal is to reach 5 million concerned taxpayers just like you in towns and cities all across the nation within the next 90 days.

So you can see your donation along with your Straw Poll opinions are sorely needed

I hope you can "dig a little deep today" and write a check for your best donation possible to make sure the Social Security Guarantee Act is not defeated . . . before we start seeing our benefits we paid into cut back, and our monthly Social Security checks reduced. 

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