Seniors United Standing with President Trump

President Trump an Older Happy Couple

Dear President Trump,

I'm writing to you to thank you for being such a strong advocate for retired and senior Americans like me.

I understand there are many Congressional lawmakers that want to cut the amount of my monthly check to balance the out-of-control federal budget. Thank you for protecting my Social Security income I paid into when you submitted your budget to the U.S. Congress this year. Older Americans like myself live in constant fear of big-spending politicians, who have pillaged the Social Security Trust Fund (for paybacks to big special interests who give them campaign contributions) to the verge of impending bankruptcy . . .

. . . and want to cut my income on which I have to live now.

I also want to tell you I appreciate your dedication to "Make American Great Again". But I'm very concerned about the destructive political divide that is tearing our country apart – as are the many terrible national security and economic problems I know you are working very hard to solve. I want to let you know I stand with you as you face daunting unfair personal, professional and political assaults by powerful, entrenched political forces inside Washington that are trying to force you out of office.

I'm supporting the Seniors Standing with President Trump campaign that is enlisting millions of senior Americans like me to help support you during these difficult times. We seniors are a huge voting bloc. As a united group of tens of millions, we can help save your majority control of Congress in the 2018 midterm elections so you can get your Make America Great Again agenda enacted.

With my respectful regards,