Help President Trump Pass the NEW "Social Security Guarantee Act"

About this Critical Straw Poll:

Many people don't know the Supreme Court ruled the government is under no obligation to pay back our hard-earned Social Security contributions, and they can spend it on anything they want.  And with national debt continuing to soar and Social Security nearing bankruptcy, full benefit payments may start being reduced.

This U.S. Taxpayer Straw Poll has been specially commissioned to gather public opinion in America's "grassroots" about the new Social Security Guarantee Act that would prohibit politicians in Washington from ever reducing the amount of your Social Security check due to "budget cuts" or the inevitable Social Security reforms on the horizon.

This Straw Poll is individually registered under your name to represent public opinion in your area.  So it is critical you return it – even if you are undecided about some answers.

Your name will be held confidential – only the total results of this Straw Poll will be released to Members (and newly-elected Members) of Congress, President Trump, his top advisors and to the major news media.

This Straw Poll is a pro-taxpayer project of the Coalition to Guarantee Social Security (CGSS).  A generous contribution to help us fund this critical citizens' campaign on Congress to pass the Social Security Guarantee Act is sorely needed and would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you

Question 1: Many Americans think Social Security is a contract with the government – you pay in, and you are paid back. But the Supreme Court ruled (Flemming v. Nestor) the government has no obligation to pay it back – and in fact, they can spend it on anything else they want. 

Before you received this letter, were you aware of this?

Question 2: A host of economic and political experts agree – the major reason Social Security is soon headed for bankruptcy is because of politicians decades-long habit of raiding the Social Security Trust Fund to fund their own political self-interests is draining it.  

Do you personally approve or disapprove of allowing politicians to use Social Security funds for other political purposes?

Question 3: The money that Congress has "diverted" from our Social Security Trust fund has largely been spent on special interest projects as favors to those who have the power to help them get re-elected. Examples: $15 million for overseas dairy development, $3 million to teach golf to youngsters in Florida, $50 million to build an indoor rainforest in Iowa and $200,000 to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, to name a few.

Were you aware that our Social Security savings are being spent on projects such as these?

Question 4: As our staggering $18 TRILLION national debt continues to soar, and Social Security is headed for inevitable bankruptcy, Congress will be considering proposals that may include reducing the amount of Social Security benefit payments . . . rather than cutting themselves off from raiding the Social Security Trust Fund "till" for their own political self-interests.

Would you support legislation that would prohibit politicians from being able to reduce the amount of your Social Security benefits?

Question 5: PRESIDENT TRUMP has kept his campaign promise not to touch Social Security in his budget. But a cadre of entrenched Establishment politicians in D.C. are very upset about that – and are fighting him "tooth and nail" for so-called Social Security "reforms." And historically that means that means benefits cuts or tax increases or both.

The proposed Social Security Guarantee Act would GUARANTEE anyone age 50 or older would get their full benefits – that is, get back what they paid into it. It would PROHIBIT politicians in Washington from reducing the amount of your Social Security check.

Do you favor passage of the Social Security Guarantee Act?