2017 Annual Membership Survey

About this Survey

As a good friend and member of the Coalition to Guarantee Social Security (CGSS), formerly Citizens to Protect Seniors' Security, we'd like to get your feedback on our 2017 Annual Membership Survey. Your opinions will help shape our legislative agenda and battle plan in the coming year.

SECTION 1: The Social Security Guarantee Act – to Save Benefits from the Budget Ax

Issue Summary: Most people don't know that back in 1960 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled (Flemming v. Nestor) the government has NO OBLIGATION to pay back your Social Security – and they can use Social Security money on anything they wish!

With the Trust Fund dangerously close to bankruptcy because of reckless political spending, it won't be long before they will look to cut your benefits. But this bill would protect retired Americans from the budget ax by GUARANTEEING anyone age 50 or older would receive their full benefits.

Question 1: How strongly do you support CGSS's grassroots campaign to rally an enormous amount of public pressure on Congress to pass the "Social Security Guarantee Act?"

SECTION 2: The Savings for Seniors Act – to Protect Future Social Security Benefits

Issue Summary: Alarmingly, a host of economic experts agree — Congress' age-old practice of spending our Social Security Trust Fund money on "political payoffs" to special interests, in exchange for re-election support, is the major reason Social Security is dangerously close to bankruptcy. But, passing the "Savings for Seniors Act" would finally make it illegal for these career politicians to keep robbing the money hard-working taxpayers have contributed to their Social Security retirement and

create enough surplus of funds to pay all Social Security benefits for many decades to come.

CGSS has mounted an aggressive national grassroots campaign to expose the truth about how politicians have been "raiding" taxpayers' Social Security savings into bankruptcy.

Question 2: How strongly do you support CGSS's national campaign to protect America's seniors' Social Security benefits?


Issue Summary: President-elect Trump has made it clear that Social Security and Medicare must be protected. But it doesn't mean he won't have a fight on his hands with big-spending, career Senators and Congressmen who are pushing to balance the budget on the backs of senior Americans – by cutting your benefitsinstead of paring back bloated, wasteful, and reckless federal spending "programs.

Question 3: How important do you think it is for CGSS to hold Congress' feet to the fire to give Trump the support he needs to protect Social Security and Medicare from the budget ax?


Question 4: What other issues would you like to see CGSS fighting to protect on your behalf?

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